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I feel like this was a classic horror game, quite standard which is good for a game that is just there for a fun little spook. But nothing really unique that I could see while playing this. 5/10

Looks fun, but there is no native linux version. (Wine shows a white screen)

This is a cool little horror game, I had fun playing it! Great job on making a fun and spooky horror game.  

YOUR GAME BROKE MY VOICE! I literally had to stop playing because i lost my voice from screaming so loud haha! im aware im a wimp but makes for good videos and your game creeped me the hell out in the best way possible :D 

great game sorry that i got stuck at the end of the video 

i will make part 2 if you tell me how to get past the part im stuck on .

Brooo, I enjoyed playing this game a lot. It was scary but still fun to play with some diifficulty to it! Good job man 👍🏾

I am missing a ingame UI, and would be better to make this game fully english, and a tutorial would be nice to, but with some work this can be a very great game

OMG sooooo SPOOKY!! I'm bad at stealthing. lol. Genuinely got scared so that is a major plus!! I honestly think there could have been some more ambient sound. Job well done!!

Thanks for recommending this game. I did a playthrough if anyone is interested. This is by far one of the scariest games I played in a while. 

This is wonderful, especially for early access! Excellent job Razor Softworks! Creepy, and fun playthrough here:

had a lot of fun playing the game alright i was able to record it window mode. keep the good work friend :D


hey pacotaco my friend, thx so much again

no problem ima keep my eye on this game, i hope to see more updates on it. keep up the great work friend :D

Not a bad game but I'm missing some story details. 

Thanks so much for sharing this, absolutely loved it! :) Only thing I'd say is that it might benefit from a little more clarity on the conditions under which the monsters see you and if you can sneak etc. That's a minor thing though :)

I don't know if I played it wrong but that was super intense.  The monster was very threatening and extremely loud.  Terrific job.  Making a monster that's actually imposing can be a challenge.  The last section may of been too easy, it was pretty simple compared to the challenges before.  Just time consuming.  But overall a great horror game, this is the first game in the video

Thanks so much

Очень даже неплохо! Довольно разнообразный геймплей. Жаль что игра короткая!


Very nicely made game! The atmosphere and ambience was really tense and it definitely packed a challenge at times! I still don't think I fully understand the switches and I just lucked out on that but apart from that, good work!

Thanks !

Fun little game! Very scary and well done!

Thanks !

This was a lot of fun. The switch puzzle was a bit much but overall a fun experience!

Thanks !

It was very scary! from Korea

Thanks !

Had a blast..reminded me of old classic horror games I used to play with simple mechanics such as just avoiding the monster a la Amnesia.

Thanks !

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Good, but some effects need works

Hey Kevin Do you Have Discord? Can we Talk dev to dev?

And i Played You game its very Nice 10/10 rating!

You did good  Job!

I will recommend this Game to My friends!

Hi, i am brazillian dev i can't speak english, i know only write a little bit,  Are you on WhatsApp?

Send your discord #tag i can try :)

Here my discord tag Thx That you are trying to  help me i appreciate that


I played this game, it was very nice, but the dynamite part was freaking annoying and made me rage a lot. Unfortunately i wasn't able to beat it because lack of time. I think if I would give a hour for it I could beat it. Pretty unforgiving lol. But overall I really enjoyed the game! Also i made video of it where I show my face first time! 

Very cool game! The placing bomb part made ma rage a bit but the end was worth it. thanks! Made you a lil video: 

(spanish lets play) hiya sorry, i finally got to play. i gotta say i had fun playing the game, honestly i was not expecting it to be this scary. there was certain things i wish the game had; like an health bar, stamina bar, maybe notes to help you with the puzzles and to talk more about the story  and maybe a map? idk thats me, but honestly it was really fun to play keep up the good work and i hope to see this more  development to the game. i made a small play through :D


Thanks for playing, if you still wanna play, download new version 1.6.2, the game updated so much your video version is old,

sure ill give it a second go :D

i tried recording it but my recording system records up tp the point where the controls are shown and the it freezes tried it multiple times and its having the same issue sorry friend. keep up the good work and hopefully you expand on this game. it looks cool 

... Hmmm , try put in windowed

Well I played it, at the most I can say it was ok.

hey finally got to play your game hope you like the play through

Gave it a go...

nice video bro

That was quite nice experience! Monster chases were full of adrenaline and there was some puzzles here and there. Thank you for that game and feel free to watch my little playthrough (polish language) Cheers!

I enjoyed the I was fun and I had a hard time tying to figure what to do and stay alive but that makes it all the more fun, and here is a part 1 of my videos

if anyone wants to check out my let's play of it.

Thanks i'll see it

I was nervous at the title screen about the quality of the game, but was presently surprised with the actual thing. Great job.

Thanks so much, i'll see your video.

I loved so much, nice gameplay , stealthy and safe, played nice

if you can rate game i'll be grateful :)

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Hi Kevin! Played a bit of your game while i had the chance and really enjoyed it. heres some of my gameplay so far 

<button itchio="" type="button" class="embed_preload youtube_preload" data-embed_code="<iframe src=""" embed="" bo2e3z13swk"="" allowfullscreen="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0">It was uploaded literally seconds ago so im hoping 1080p is available :) if you enjoyed my video please leave a like and subscrtibe to my channel, Thanks!</button>

thanks for playing

if you can rate game i'll be grateful :)

of course!

hey played your game in an indie romp. hope you enjoy :)

yours is the first one

Thanks so much, i will see

if you can rate game i'll be grateful :)


I got some good scares out of this game!

Thanks so much 

if you can rate game i'll be grateful :)

Game was cool!  Got scared quite a bit while playing too.


Thanks so much 


if you can rate game i'll be grateful :)

Made a video

Thanks so much 


if you can rate game i'll be grateful :)

I forgot to grab my doctors note.  Guess I'll have to drive back to the hospital.

Hey there spectators,

This game was full of adrenaline pumping moments as I made my escape from the hideous creature that ravaged Hospital Black River.

I hope you all get a laugh and a smile.

Have fun spectators.  . . .

- L Squared

Thanks so much 

Thank you Kevin, I had a lot of fun playing it.  I hope you enjoyed the footage


if you can rate game i'll be grateful :)

Hellow there creator. I played your game. It was pretty good. I really enjoyed it. So here is my gameplay of your game. ENJOY!!

if you can rate game i'll be grateful :)

This was really good! The tension builds nicely the further you get into the game. This was solid on all fronts! Here's my playthrough: 


Thanks for record a gameplay, you are in special thanks


if you can rate game i'll be grateful :)

The environment looks simple and good. The monster can detect me easily which makes the game a lot more challenging. Well done!


Thanks for record a gameplay, you are in special thanks


if you can rate game i'll be grateful :)

I will for sure! I also want you to send me a question on Twitter by commenting, because I am doing a special Q&A video.

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